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March 12, 2010 / Darrell

Topless Gear.

Top Gear is unarguably the most popular car show, ever. With an estimated 350 million viewers, it must be doing something right. Any fan of the show will tell you it’s a mix of two things. A) It’s not overly technical, but there’s enough about cars to keep the enthusiasts enthusiastic. And B) It’s actually entertaining for those men who think a car is just to get from A to B and women.

However, due to the majority of Top Gear’s audience being male, I’m suggesting there is a third factor which adds to its popularity. C) The inclusion of well endowed women positioned just behind the presenters/guests at the front of the audience.

While the rest of the live audience is shrouded in a veil of darkened anonymity, these particular women stand out more than the Hammerhead-i Eagle Thrust driving on the motorway.

Unlike the Horror Hooters Hypothesis, there isn’t really a need to distract from the program, which is why this “factor C” isn’t bleedingly obvious like someone in fluros at a metal concert. It seems as if the BBC have just slotted it in there as a little bit of fan service for the largely male fan base who watch the show week in, week out.

I don’t want you to think of Top Gear as cheap or crass just because I have raised this point. They’re not making a grab for viewers based purely on these rather too conveniently placed women, as many of you know Top Gear is by and large more entertaining than almost everything on TV. However, the BBC realise there are things more pleasing to look at than Clarkson’s hair.

By now you may be noticing the lack of James May. After being named the number one weird man-crush by Heat magazine, James was worried that by being juxtapositioned with too many well endowed ladies could ruin the weird gay image that he had going.

Another thing you might have gathered, is that unlike many other car shows and magazines, these women aren’t in bikinis while washing the cars in a seductive manner. Top Gear has kept it subtle and classy, like 3 middle aged English men should. Instead of objectifying barely clothed women with cars in the background, Top Gear objectifies cars with fully dressed women in the background. Perhaps they objectify cars a little too much, with James discussing the fizzy feeling he gets just behind his penis and below his stomach, when he drives a nice car. But it is a refreshing change from the street racing scene which seemed to dominate most of popular car media for much of the past decade.

However, due to the anti-discrimination vibe the western world has had for the past 50 or so years, Top Gear were forced into hiring some well endowed males, for the same position described in this article. Sadly the man they hired couldn’t find any bras in the Mr. Big section in Target, so he went without.


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  1. Aleks / Oct 28 2010 11:42 am

    You raise a very good point! I always wondered why there were women almost standing right behind them…it looks slightly awkward.

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