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March 3, 2010 / Darrell

Coffee: Bean There, Drank That.

Coffee. Arguably the world’s favourite bean beverage, has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in Yemen monasteries in the fifteenth century. In the modern world it is renowned for waking up the western world and preventing students from sleeping. Being a student it is assumed that I like coffee. To say that I dislike coffee wouldn’t be accurate, however, I do prefer other beverages. But when I heard about the best coffee at uni (courtesy of Semper Floreat) , it was something that I couldn’t pass up.

Expectation is a great and terrible thing. It draws people in, then leaves them underwhelmed. Expectation has ruined everything from Avatar to Pizza Capers. So as I stood in line ready to order at the Rooftop Cafe, a little voice in the back of my head chimed, you don’t have to try it, you don’t even like coffee. But the allure of the best coffee at uni was too great.

I opted for the stock standard flat white. First impressions, a little frothier than I expected, but with an aroma that might make a coffee connoisseur groan in mild to moderate pleasure. After putting three sugars in, stirring both clockwise and anticlockwise and waiting for it to cool down a bit, I took my first sip. To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t unlike most other coffees I’ve tasted.

Nothing really jumped out. However, over the duration of the cup, my opinion was swayed. I’d been going about this cup of coffee the wrong way. I was expecting something great, something monumental, something like The Beatles. It didn’t do anything amazing, but was slightly better in every way to all other coffees. It was slightly smoother, slightly richer, slightly less burnt flavoured, and a big one for me, burnt my mouth slightly less than other coffees upon first sip. Simply put, a better cup of coffee.

So the next time you feel like a coffee based pick-me-up, head to the Rooftop Cafe, upstairs in the Colin Clark building at UQ.


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